I had a straight Goldilocks and the Three Bears experience buying Hunter rain boots recently (too big, too small, just right) and thought I could save y’all the same grief. I will preface this with my dimensions: I’m 5’4 and a size 8.5 shoe. My legs are pretty short for my height and I typically wear short or petite sizes in pants. So if you were blessed with long skinny legs, the majority of this post isn’t for you. Here we go…

1. Hunter rain boots run large… like really large. Plus, they only come in whole sizes. I wear an 8.5 and the size 8 was large. The size 7 was slightly snug. So if you are a lucky whole-sizer, size down one. If you are a halfy like me, try both a half size down and one and half sizes down to find your perfect fit.

2. Good news for ladies size 7.5 or smaller: you can fit into children’s sizes (and save $60)! The rule of thumb tends to be size down two sizes to find your child size. So if you are a 7, you would wear a size 5 in girls’ Hunters. And children’s sizes are about an inch and a half shorter; perfect for petite women. The ladies in the Nordstrom children’s department are totally used to this, so hit up the department store if you can.

3. The larger your shoe size, the taller the Hunter rain boot will be. The Original Tall were too tall for me in a size 8. The top scraped against my knee cap and didn’t look too nice asthetically because my knee was always folded over the top of the boots. But a size 7 was the perfect height for me.

Red Hunter Rain Boots

4. If the 15-inch calf on the Hunter Originals is a tight squeeze for you, Huntress Boots are the perfect alternative at 16 1/2 inches. Unfortunately though, there are not special welly socks for these as they’re slightly shorter than the Originals.

5. Your Hunter boots will eventually build a white fog layer on them. It’s totally natural for rubber boots and there’s even a fancy name for it: blooming. Some folks think it brings character to the boots. Others ain’t having it. Have no fear, simply spray some boot buffer and wipe ’em down to be fog free. Amoral wipes and olive oil are cheap substitutes too!

Hunter Boots Blooming

6. Just because these are the new grown-up Uggs, doesn’t mean they’ll keep you warm and toasty in the same way. After a little while in the snow, my feet were freezing. And the socks helped only slightly. Hunters are perfect for quick dog walks and trips to and from the car, but will be fab once it warms up around here because they are 100% waterproof (totalllyyyy unlike Uggs).

7. Hunter boots are pretty heavy, but are orthopedic so they are comfy for all-day wear. If you prefer a lighter shoe, Hunter makes packable tour boots. With all of the traveling I do, I really wish I had invested in these.



I hope this could be of help! I really do love these boots and am happy that I finally found my perfect pair. If you need some more Hunter Boots outfit inspiration, check out these looks. Happy shopping and enjoy your boots 🙂


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    • You’ll love them! Hopefully your department store has a lot of options because the process of buying online is rough!

  1. I WISH I had found this post a year ago! I did lots of research on Hunter boots, as I am 5′ 0.5″ so I knew the regular boots were going to be too tall. Luckily I wear a shoe size 6.5, so I got kids and got to save $60- SCORE! Thanks for writing this all out for those of us who are vertically challenged!

  2. Some excellent tips, i would add for guys to size up one. Im a size 11 in shoes but needed a 12 for my hunters because of my calves, jeans and wool socks having to fit. Best boot purchase i have ever made. Also you look super cute in your red ones, i am hoping to find those in my size by next fall!

    • Hi , thank you for your review… Did you purchase the adjustable? Because, I’m a plus size female and I wear an 11 in shoes. So my concern is my calf… Will the adjustable fit my calf with my jeans too?

      • Mine are just the regular classic tall hunters. I have larger calves and just barely fit into these. If I had to order all over again, I would have gone with the Huntress version of the boots so they weren’t SO tight 🙂

        • I, too, wear an 11 in regular shoes and i have bigger calves. I am looking for the adjustable back gloss red boots and i CANNOT find them anywhere. Does anyone have any suggestions?

          • For my plus size girls I wear a size 10 in boots 9 in shoes or 10 depending on how the shoes are cut. I ordered a size 11 so I could be on the safe size so i can fit my thick socks on and etc. jeans

  3. Great tips! I’ve had my Hunter boots for about a year now and they’re already beginning to “fog.” I bought the buffer, but I’m a bit nervous to try it on the matte finish. Have you tried it with the matte Hunter boots?

    I also agree about them not keeping your feet warm! Even with the Welly socks, they tend to freeze.

    Great post!

    Jade from jadynamber.weebly.com

  4. Wish I had seen this before purchasing! I wear size 8, so I bought size 8. Will these be ok for me if I wear them with the sock insert or will they still be too big? Nervous now : /

    • Fingers crossed they fit! It all depends on the style of Hunters you get. The classic tall ones I have are the tiniest bit snug with socks, but I had to size down one and a half sizes. Let me know how it goes for you! Regardless, once you get the perfect size, you’ll love them 🙂

        • I don’t! Yes, they are a bit snug, but I have worn them for over three years now and don’t mind it. Usually, I’m not in my Hunters for long periods of time so it isn’t too bad. It’s a shame they don’t make the perfect size for us in-betweeners.

          • Thanks Cortney for advice. I have a really hard time getting them off! I have orignal black in 9 (I’m a 9 1/2) & a mint color in 10.

            Both are equally hard to get off. Would a sock help? I don’t have any. Please help.!

          • Yes ma’am! I have the same problem. Since I have larger calves, they basically suction onto my legs. Wearing them over knee socks and pants definitely helps!

    • I normally wear an 8 in boots so I got 8’s in my hunters… just got them in & I feel like they’re a lil loose but I’m happy bc then I can wear my thick wool socks with them!

  5. I just got my second pair of boots in yesterday. I had to send the first pair back since they were too tight around my calves. I’m short and have bigger calves. I ordered the Huntress in a size 8, even though I am normally a 9. The foot part fits, but when I walk the squeeze around the ankles. I don’t think they’re suppose to do that. Am I right or being too picky? I’m afraid If I went with a 7 they would be too tight.

  6. So i wear a 7.5 , should I get the 5 in girls or the 6 in girls ? I’m also getting the short pair . Does that make a difference ?

  7. hi… so glad u post this,, so am looking for Hunter as well, but i can not find any reference for size since i live in Jakarta. i am size 6 for shoes, but size 7 for boots for larger room when am wearing thick sock. what size do u think i shud pick since it came with large size? can u share ur size 7 Hunter boots? i love how u look in it.. 🙂 thx

  8. Hi I wanna buy a pair of boots but I am around a size 7 and sometimes can fit 6.5 would a size in womens5 fit me or would a size 5 in kids be better?

  9. Hi, love the outfits! May I ask where you got that fabulous leopard cardigan? I cannot find one that is the perfect leopard and I love yours!



    • Hey Heather! I got it at PacSun a year or two ago. I hadn’t been in there in forever, but they have some cute stuff 🙂

  10. costco has these boots for $79.99 right now!! some are backed ordered! i was thing of the matte gray but not sure if matte or glossy holds up better?

    • They hold up the same but I think the matte show dirt a little more than the glossy. Total personal preference though!

  11. So what style and what size did you end up getting? I am having the same problem as you. I’m also 5’4 and between an 8 and an 8.5 normal shoe size.

    • I wound up getting the Original Tall in 7. I can’t wear really thick socks with them without it being a bit of a squeeze, but they have been super comfy for me.

  12. I am the same shoe size 8.5 and height as you, and am totally confused by which ones to purchase! Were you able to order a 5 in the kids size and they fit you, or did you have to order a 7 in the women’s size? Your boots are gorgeous. Thanks for this post!

  13. Awesome post Cortney – very helpful! i’ve been researching for the past few days and thinking about purchased the tour. Im normally a size 7 (im 5’2″) shoe but thinking of getting the tour in a size 6 or the childs size 5 🙂 I want red ones but on the official hunter site (USA) there are two versions of the colour red. Lava and Military. I want the darker red – so im thinking the Lava. What do you think? the boots here on this blog looks almost orange (don’t want that).

  14. Hi Ladies,

    If you are looking for Hunter Boots and are a Costco member, they have the tall boots for $79.99 and the short ones for $76.99. They come in multiple colors. Happy Shopping! 🙂

  15. I received my online order yesterday. I am a 7 1/2 so I ordered a size 8 in the original tall black matte. The size is perfect but they are too tight in the calf. I will be returning them.

  16. Hi there. I’m shopping for Hunter rain boots for my 13 year old daughter for Christmas. She wants the original tall ones, but she’s SOOOO short for her age. So, for clarification, are you saying the kids version are like the talls, too, but just a bit shorter to accommodate for kids? She wants them to be about as tall as they are on you, but I can’t tell online how tall the kids ones are. Please help! 🙂

    • Hi! If she’s short I would look into the Huntress or the kids version. The original talls range in height which drives me nuts! But an 8 on me (5’4) was definitelyyyyy too tall. I hope that helps 🙂

  17. I want to buy a pair of the original glossy but I am 5’1, do you think they will be up on to my knee caps if I wear a US 7? I would look into getting the kids sizes but i want them tall, like below the knee cap. And is the sizes on the Hunter website in UK or US?

    • Alli, for a reference on me… I’m 5’4 and am wearing the 7s in those photos. My extra height is in my torso, I probably have the legs of a 5’1 girl. They hit at a comfortable height so I would think you’ll be ok! If at all possible, I would get into a store and try them on though!! Regardless, you’ll love them!!

  18. I love this article! But I have some question about hunter boots, I bought a pair the other day and I usually wear a 7, so I tried both a 7 and a 6 but I felt like the 6’s were a little snug with the socks so I grabbed the 7’s but even with the socks my heel is coming up, should I buy the 6’s and have them a little snug?

    • Hi Mikayla,

      I sized down and don’t mind the snugness. I found it more comfortable than the looseness of the other size. Unfortunately without half sizes, it’s almost impossible to find a perfect fit, but sizing down for me was the most comfortable I found.

  19. Hello ladies,

    I recently got a pair of Hunter gloss black tall adjustable boots, and today I was my routine cleaning when I noticed all of the metal details on the boots are starting to tarnish to a copper color!!!! What do I do?

  20. Thank you for your tips they are really helpfull! I live in the Netherlands so for me it’s quite complicated with sizes. I have a 38,5-39 European size which means 7 in US size and so a 5 in children sizes! I love the short Chelsea wellington hunter boots though, but do you know if these short ones run Large too?

  21. Hey I am normally a size 8 and had 7 in the tall boots but sold them to get short ones. I honestly don’t remember how my tall ones fit at the foot because well they were so tall and I am short so I guess I didn’t think about it plus I got them almost new for 40 bucks at last chance (Phoenix) . Anyways I just bought a size 7 in the short boots and am wondering if I should have bought a size 8 but some horror stories have me feeling like 8s would be too big. I also fear going up in size would make the calf parts even bigger on me and my legs aren’t thick at all (calves specifically are not). Basically when I walk I can feel the front toe touching like my toe is going to suffocate but just like can feel where my foot is at the front but the back feels loose like when you walk in flip flops the back of the boot kind of flops up as I walk with space. When I stand still it isn’t like an uncomfortable touching just enough to have me worried I bough the wrong size!?!? Will the 8s be too big from the sound of my panic? sorry for a rant if it makes sense at all

    • Eden, if you are able to get to a Nordstrom or another store that carries Hunters, trying them on is your best bet. The shaft on the 8 isn’t going to be any wider than the 7 so you don’t have to worry about that, but the shaft will be taller (which wasn’t great for me because my legs are short). The 8s also felt like they were going to fall off of me and that bugged me a bit more than the snugness of the 7s. If you intend on wearing thick socks with your Hunters, it couldn’t hurt to try the 8s. But in my experience, they were a bit large. I hope this helps! 🙂

  22. Iam Petite 4″10 and my shoes size is 2 in kids what size u think. Will be a good size in the boots for me ?

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  24. Have you tried the Hunter Socks? I’m in the same boat got the 7’s and they were a little snug, while the 8’s were too big. Was wondering if I should even waste my time with the Hunter Socks( but they are so darn cute!). Didn’t know if they are really thick.

  25. Great information! I used to get some bad blisters. Before buying new boots I decided to play around with socks too. I discovered I was on the low end of a large sock (I wear size 9…the large said it fit sizes 9-12). I bought some med socks (size 6-8.5) and the blisters stopped. Problem solved!

  26. Wife bought a pair of hunters over 15 years ago now and they are still in great shape but the logo on the front of the boot reads : Hunter made in scotland.
    We have since both bought another pair just over two years ago and the rubber is starting to crack and let in water., just not the same quality as the old days ( same price though ). But as most things they are now made overseas ( i believe )
    Am currently trying to get a replacement boot as very disapointed for such a high profile brand name.,

    • Depending on the time of year, they can! But I typically don’t wear them all day… just when braving the rain or snow 🙂

  27. Anybody tried them on zero degree C*? I’ve read it’s enough cold( But if the snow melts how this goons be? And why Hinters made with the wool inside then? ?So much confused

  28. I purchased a pair of Hunter Originals last year, and they ripped about 30 days after my warranty had expired! When I called Hunter, they had absolutely NO customer service. Worst of all they offered me 10% off on my next purchase. I called them several times, 2 out of which they tried to diffuse any responsibility for their product and direct me to the store from which I purchased the boots. The only reason why I bought these is because of (1) their popularity due to their apperant quality, (2) the promise to last because they are said to be GOOD quality, and (3) because I thought that I wouldn’t need to buy another pair because of their GOOD quality. What happened? They ripped. Did not even last for a couple of years. I am so disappointed. I rarely write any reviews but I really think that corporations should invest some of their time to cater to the individual consumer, instead of diffusing responsibility and protecting themselves with policies and disclaimers in case their products are faulty. We are the reason why these corporations have success, because we purchase their products and support their business, on an individual basis. There is a bigger underlying issue here, than the quality of the product itself.

  29. I have to wear a wedge or heel boot do they run narrow in the foot part? Unfortunately I have feet like my dad so it’s hard to find shoes 🙁

  30. Funny. I’ve been reading some of your comments and I have the complete opposite problem. I’m 5’8 with super skinny legs but size 9 feet. I got a great deal on some Hunter tall, but they are way too wide in the leg and clunky on me.

  31. I wear a size 10 US and what size Hunter boot should I buy. I’m living in France and somehow it’s so hard to find shoes for woman who have the French 41 size foot. What’s your advice. Love the blog..Desparate Big Foot

  32. This was such a big help!!! I am a size 8.5 too and have shorter legs. I’ve been hesitant to buy because I was worried that the 7 would be too snug if I wanted to wear thicker socks. Thank you so much for posting this and having such awesome tips!

    • I have two colors in glossy and love them, but I think it depends on the color. For neutral colors, matte looks best. For bright colors, glossy looks best! 🙂

  33. Thank you so much for writing this! In addition, if you have a very high instep like I do, Hunter rainboots probably won’t work for you.

  34. Hello.. .love you and your blog.. this is coming from a 51yr young .. corp executive..lol.. I am 5’2 with short legs and a bit confused about the kids.. I wear a 6.5-7 in Steve Madden shoes and boots with room to spare in the 7’s… I typically size down in rain boots and sneakers to 5.5 or a 6.. the Hunter boots I may be able to score are a kids Size 5/6/7 EU38.. do you think these would work.. love that your day jobs is off the norm as mine is as well and my hobbies couldn’t be more non girly.. shark diving, furniture builder , and 3Gun / USPSA Competition… love your blog honey!

  35. Just tried on some Hunters today at SoftMoc.
    I am also size 8.5 in shoes and 5’4. My calves are wide but feet are narrow.
    The size 8 was the best fit for me and had some room for heavy socks.
    The 7’s really squished my toes, so glad I tried them on.
    I was hoping to buy the 15″ high glossy boots, but the rubber buckled in the front when I walked.
    They are too high for me.
    The shorter ones fit best, but I will look around some more for a “middle” height.
    At least I know what size to buy for sure. Good tip from this blog!
    On more thing, you won’t need need the Huntress style for wide calves if you purchase the shorter boots.
    You will have more options.

  36. If you will be wearing them in cold (as well as wet) weather, get the Hunter down socks! They are so soft and fabulous for that cold weather comfort! They act as both warmers, but as boot toppers.

  37. Hi,
    I just tried a pair on this weekend and I feel funny when walking in them – as if they restrict the natural movement of the leg… I suspect driving in them would be impossible….any tips on that? Maybe they are just not meant for everybody 🙂


    • I would definitely suggest going with the packable tour Hunter Boots. They have a lot more give to them and are much lighter! If I had smaller calves, I would do that as well.

  38. I have the same red hunters and bought them about a year ago. I am looking at buying the well socks, because as you posted my feet froze without them. Do you have any suggestions on color? I’m worried the white will get dirty or that the black will look off against the red. Thanks!

    • I think white in the knit version would be perfect! The knit fabric is MUCH less susceptible to getting dirty 🙂

  39. I’m a size 8 always and ordered that size from hunter.ca. They look big (bulky) around the ankle, so I went to a SoftMoc store and tried a 7 and they were to tight, I wouldn’t of been comfortable with toes being so snug. The 8 is ok but the boot seems to be bulky around ankle even though the calves are loose. Anyone notice this? They don’t have the nice sleek look you see in all the pictures. They are glossy black talls.

  40. I wore my hunters recently without socks as it was a very warm day as well as being wet. Although they were quite comfortable and did not rub my feet, getting them off was incredibly hard. To get both boots off took me about 20 minutes of tugging with both hands and pulling absolutely awful grimaces with the effort. Getting cramp during the struggle brought tears to my eyes! Have you ever tried them with bare feet?

  41. Hello!

    I had one quick question about this post on the Hunter Boots. Would it be better to get the gloss or matte kind? Which one is easier to clean and doesn’t get as much wear and tear easier if that makes sense. Thanks in advance!

  42. I recently purchased a size 5 In the reconstructed style- they are a bit snug- however a 6 was too big – will they relax/give in?

  43. Question, do your boots make a weird sound like the rubber hittig your calve while walking, almost like a smacking noise?? Haha, I have small thin legs and while walking I’m hearing this awk noise.


    • YES! Like a popping noise sometimes when the rubber comes unstuck from my calve (I know thats icky) but yep, for sure!

  44. I wish I had found this blog before buying Hunter boots online. I sent 2 pairs back. I am 5’1 tall, and my knees flopped over the top of the boots. Looking at my stature, my husband predicted this would happen. I am waiting for a smaller size; hopefully this will mean shorter and not too snug around the calf. I did try the Hunter socks on with the boots and I won’t be able to wear them, especially if I size down. Waiting for a pair of the adjustable ones to compare. I ordered those before seeing your blog–so I am sure they will be too tall for me, too. Thanks for sharing your tips:)

  45. I had to make the choice between a size 6 and a size 7 and went for the smaller size but feel I might have made the wrong decision They are quite comfortable to walk in but getting them off can be extremely difficult and if I wear them to the office I take them off in the privacy of the ladies room as I do not want anybody to see my face as I struggle to get them off. Even with the thinnest of socks it is a battle. I can substantiate the earlier comments by Jenny Ross about wearing them with bare feet as I tried it once for about 5 minutes and removing them was agony.

  46. Recently bought a pair of hunter boots from the company as a gift to my mother. They did not fit but since it had been over 35 days they would not take the return back. I ordered them early so that I would have them. I wrote a review on their website and they removed it. Will never order from this company again due to their policy. Have been buying Hunter boots for years. When companies like Noordstrom have amazing return policies why would you ever buy anything from the company directly. Do not buy from company directly.

  47. I have a question which I hope you haven’t already answered. If so, I apologize. What color are the ones you have on in the photo? I’m wary of buying the “military red” because they look pretty dark and I can’t tell if the “Red” are going to be the same or a little brighter. The “coral” looks closer to what you have but I’m worried that is going to be too bright to go with my red December outfits. Thanks!

  48. Do you happen to know what size the original canvas tour boot has for a calf size? I currently have a huntress pair, and I can just about fit my calves in with jeans. Thanks.

  49. I bought my first pair a couple of months ago and can’t wait for the weather to warm up so I can wear them. It’s been in the minus 20’s and 30’s for months, and now is about minus 10. I just may have to wear them today, though. They are green, and it is St. Patrick’s Day.

  50. So did you end up with a size 7? I have the same problem – I’m 5’4″ but the smallest I can go is a size 8 which is too tall for me! Super helpful post, thanks!

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