Hey y’all! I’m excited to begin my Summer Blogging Series. Each week, I’ll share some tips and tricks to blogging. I’m no expert, but I have learned a thing or two in the past year and a half of blogging the hard way and would love to spare y’all the stress! So without further ado…

  1. It Takes Time & Dedication: If you don’t have at least an hour a day to kill, don’t waste your time with this. I changed jobs recently and had to cut back on my blogging. Because of this, I noticed a decline in readership. Visitors will come back for new content, so give the people what they want!
  2. There’s No Shortcut: With every ounce of my being, I wish there was. There are thousands of articles on how to gain followers fast, but the trick is to post quality content consistently. I saw my sharpest spike in followers once I cut out filters, thought out my photo composition, and posted about one-two photos a day. No one owes you anything; they will follow you because they have something to gain from your posts. People use Instagram and blogs for three main things: to escape, to learn, and to be inspired. Keep these things in mind when creating content and be the blogger you would want to follow. Here is a great article on branding your Instagram to increase your followers.
  3. SEO is Everything: Learn it. Live it. Get Google Analytics right off the bat to see which posts are generating the most traffic and investigate why. Use Alt Text and Tags to bump up page views. Use clear titles and Google Keywords to give your posts the best chance of being found through search engines. I’ll elaborate more on this in the coming weeks.
  4. Comparison is the Thief of Joy: I know you scroll through the perfect latte photo, perfect sunset photo, perfect caught off guard with wind blowing in her hair photo and think how perfectly perfect these girls’ lives must be. I’ve hung around with enough bloggers in my day to know how bat-sh!t crazy we can look trying to get the perfect shot. Or how far out of our way we went to get macarons and peonies. Don’t ever ever ever compare your beginning to someone else’s middle.
  5. Your Friends Will Think You’re Crazy: And you are. But the best people are! You will stick a white posterboard under a coffee mug to give the illusion of white counter tops. You will stand on a chair in a public restaurant to get the best shot of your avocado toast. And by God, you will strut down the crowded street in a sequined dress and stilettos in the dead of winter for your New Year’s Eve post. That’s dedication, my friend!
  6. You Don’t Need to Accept Every c/o Item You’re Offered: I struggled with this one in the beginning. Because, hey! It’s free! What’s not to like? Well, if you don’t love it and you tell the world you do, you’re a liar. Point blank. Brands that align with your tastes and interests will find you eventually. Be true to yourself and honest with your readers in the meantime.
  7. Go to as Many Blogger Events as You Can: It’s all about networking! And the best part of blogging (and one I never saw coming) is the friendships you make from it. Bloggers tend to be motivated self-starters (heck, we’re all one-woman businesses!) and those are awesome people to surround yourself with. Plus, collaborating exposes you to their readers and vice versa.
  8. Invest in the Right Things: No no, I’m not talking about Valentino Rockstuds. I’m talking about a DSLR and PhotoShop. You know what I think when I see a pair of Rockstuds? Great! A blog full of things I can’t afford… on to the next! But when I see high quality photos, perfectly aligned and a blurry bokeh background, I’m hooked!
  9. Be Different: Ok ok, sometimes you’re going to like what other bloggers are wearing. I get it. I love my Karen Walker sunnies even though when I wear them I look freakishly like Blair Eadie. But don’t copy people. There are going to be people who want to follow you for the unique snowflake that you are. Own it!

And if you need any help getting started, please don’t hesitate to reach out! My email address is cortneydryden@gmail.com. I look forward to following everyone’s blog 🙂




16 comments on “What I Wish I’d Known Before Blogging”

  1. This is SO great, Courtney!! While I love blogging, it can seriously mess with your self esteem and confidence. It’s funny ’cause I didn’t really struggle that much with not feeling good enough before I started blogging. Craziness. It’s tough and you never feel quite ‘liked’ enough or as good at it as others are. It’s definitely been a learning process so far, but for all the hard work and looking like a nut out in public taking photos, I really do enjoy it! Ha! Ps….my friends think I’m crazy too! Anyway, great post! Keep them coming!

  2. Hi Cortney!!
    Amazing post! I love when bloggers I love (like you) post helpful info for new bloggers! I’ve been following your blog the past 7 months and I always appreciate the quality of your posts, and your style is adorable! I launched my blog about 3 weeks ago and I’ve been loving it. I still don’t get the SEO thing…. so looking forward to your post about that! And also wanted to ask what’s the best way to collab with other bloggers or do link ups etc.? I never know what to do or how to get started with that. Thanks for this amazing post!


  3. I think these are all true! I’ve been blogging for abt 1.5 years too and have been through all of them. Although, I’m kinda glad I didn’t know all these things when I started, bc I probably would’ve become too overwhelmed. 🙂 Great post!

    Take care,

  4. Awesome post with some tips I will definitely remember as I am just beginning my blogging journey! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. Thank you Cortney for your timely post! I just started blogging and I have really struggled with trying to attract people to my blog that aren’t friends and family. Although I am eternally grateful for their support, I want to know that my work matters to even strangers. I have a lot to learn but reading your post was immensely encouraging. Thanks again!


  6. Thanks for sharing! I just started blogging after a long period of hesitation – but I conquered my fears and I am committed and dedicated to making it work! This advice will help me get off on the right foot.

  7. From the bottom of my heart, I just truly want to thank you so much for this! I’m researching starting a blog, trying to decide if it’s for me. You answered so many questions & so enjoy your writing style; super authentic & sincere. You have a new follower here?

    Thanks again,


    • I want to sincerely thank you for this comment Kimberly, and to let you know that if you are even toying with the idea of starting a blog, you should. You won’t regret it 🙂

  8. I just stumble upon your blog, and love your writing, apeal and the sincere aproach on blogging. I’ll tell you when i launch my blog XD

  9. Great post! Thanks for sharing these helpful tips with us. I started my blog last month and I am super excited about the possibilities ahead. Please check it out whenever you have a moment.

  10. I love this post very much. I’ve been doing a lot of research how to start my own blog ? when I stumble upon your blog. It’s very helpful. Courtney if don’t mind I would like to connect with you on how to start my blog.

  11. You definitely inspire me! You have such a wonderful spirit and I’m happy I met you. I think I’m going to start blogging. I look forward to your posts ?

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