Hi, guys! I am BACK with another video and this time it’s a highly requested cloffice tour. I arrange and rearrange this space on the reg and while I have shared a couple roundups here, I haven’t ever filmed a video of the space so y’all can get a better idea of the layout.

A little backstory… I watched one episode of Marie Kondo and have subsequently been reorganizing every room in the house since. The cloffice was my latest target… more specifically, my bookshelf. I’m a bag whore and wanted a nicer way to display the things I loved – not that I don’t love my books – but most had to go to the attic to make way for more storage. Wall space is limited up here, y’all!

But I recorded this little video where I share its new look, my designer bag collection, and my whole makeup collection. I hope y’all enjoy!

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