Now that we learned how to start a self-hosted WordPress blog, let’s make it visually pleasing.

Disclaimer: The aesthetic I gravitate towards is clean and white. This way, your fashion images are the focal point of the site. I picked these because they are ready-made themes and take little to no knowledge of coding or HTML. Just load it onto your site and begin blogging. I also picked all of my themes from Themeforest. I have no affiliation with them and earn no commission from referrals. I simply feel that a lot of theme providers can rip you off, but Themeforest is affordable (under $50 a theme) and reliable. Simply click on the name of the theme to purchase or on the image to see a live preview of it.

1. inFashion

This is the theme I use. I love it because the post images at the top made it easy for visitors to navigate through your posts. Plus, Instagram is built into the bottom of each page!

Blog In Fashion

2. Redwood

If I had come across this theme before inFashion, I would have purchased it. I love that it incorporates a slider to feature your latest posts, as well as three featured images you can use as categories (fashion, DIY, lifestyle, etc.) Chiara Farragni of The Blonde Salad uses a similar theme, as well as Zanita.

Blog Redwood

3. Rosemary

A more feminine version of Redwood. I cannot decide which one I love more! Kristina Bazan of Kayture uses a similar theme for her gorgeous blog, as well as Sincerely Jules.

Blog Rosemary

4. Shiroi Hana

Another slider-centric theme. This one though, gives you the opportunity to display multiple images from your blog post into a mini grid per post.

Blog Shiori Hana

5. Hemlock

Similar to Redwood, but with a different look to the slider.

Blog Hemlock

6. Zarja

This theme is super feminine, but what I love is the featured About Me section right below the slider. This way, followers get a clear view of who you are before they begin reading your blog.

Blog Zarja

7. Simplissimo

This theme is bright and fun and although you can change the main color, I like that it is pink by default!

Blog Simplissmo

8. Airashi

If you’re looking to be a little different, Airashi’s featured post grid is far from cookie cutter. Susanna Lau of Style Bubble uses a similar grid theme for her blog.

Blog Airashi

9. Quarter

The first blogging theme that I had and one a number of bloggers use (check out my girl Jaime’s blog). It’s super straight-forward and easy to customize.

Blog Quarter

10. Scribbo

This theme is almost identical to the one used by Emily Gemma on The Sweetest Thing.

Blog Scribo

Loading the theme onto your site is easy. Each theme purchased from Themeforest comes with detailed instructions within the folder; it will be labeled Documentation. As always, if you run into a snag, my email address is I don’t mind a bit helping out! I think of it as arts and crafts of the 21st century 😉

Happy blogging!



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