Bunting Banner / Table Signs / Flag Stickers for Straws / Scalloped Stickers / Party Greeting Sign / Wine Glass Tags / Table Confetti / Mini Notecard Favor / Christmas Card / Apothecary Jar / Cake Stand / Gold-Dipped Paper Trees / Button-Down Shirt / Wool Skirt

The holiday season is finally upon us! And there is no better time to get friends and family together to celebrate. Be it a Friendsgiving, a company Christmas party, or dinner with family, the possibilities are endless to deck the halls of your home and entertain loved ones. But with budgets tight throughout the season, it is important to make sure the party doesn’t leave you strapped. I threw together this party in a pinch with personalized and affordable decorations from, plus some of my own unique touches. Not only that, but I am giving away two $125 gift certificates so you can throw your own Christmas soiree!

1. Plan Ahead:

If you haven’t started planning already, now is the time! Get started early so you can take advantage of all the great sales and aren’t left spending more than you need to at the last minute. Check out Homegoods or the Target Dollar Section for steeply discounted decorations. My fur table runner was under $20 and my wine glasses were two for $3! Additionally, take advantage of black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. It will be the cheapest you’ll find decor before the season ends. is already running Black Friday deals offering 15% off orders of 150+ and 10% off order of 100+.



2. DIY:

You don’t have to be Martha Stewart to elevate your holiday decor with some no-fail DIY. Red solo cups aren’t commonly considered classy party decor, but glue a black ribbon around them and top with a gold button to create Santa Clause cups! Another easy trick… tape three candy canes together to create adorable table card holders a la Pinterest. And as always, design your own Christmas cards or invitations at that are sure to impress your friends and family.



3. Purchase a Party Bundle:

A no-brainer party decorating trick is to purchase all of your decorations with one click of the mouse. It’s as easy as picking a theme and your whole party suite will arrive on your doorstep. I selected the Snow Dot Perfect Party for $88 which included a bunting banner, tables signs, flag stickers for straws, scalloped stickers, a party greeting sign, wine glass tags, table confetti, mini notecard favor, paper plates, paper napkins, and paper straws. Just add food and drinks and you’re done!



4. Repurpose Decorations:

Look around your home for pieces you can repurpose for the holiday season. For example, I had previously purchased these apothecary jars and cake stands for my wedding. I used leftover ornaments that didn’t fit on my Christmas tree to create a colorful centerpiece. Additionally, I added white block candles I had on hand to fill in the gaps of my tablescape.


5. Opt for Donuts Instead of Cake:

This one is a no brainer for donut lovers like me! A sheet cake begins at around $20, whereas a dozen donuts can run as low at $3.50. Plus, you cut back on cutlery costs and guests can take home the extras as party favors to eat for breakfast the next day. These small and large cake stands make the perfect presentation for your goodies.


6. Use Paper Plates & Napkins:

Save yourself time and money and opt for paper plates and napkins. No need for a formal sit-down dinner when you can have your guests up mix and mingling! They’re looking to unwind after a long year and disposable plates and napkins are an easy way for them to do so. Plus, you’ll save yourself hours of cleanup the next day.



7. Win Your Own Party!

The best way to throw a holiday party is to do it for free! Lucky for you, I am giving away two $125 gift certificates to All you have to do is click here and enter your email address to enter. This giveaway will run from November 18th until November 25th, and then we will contact the winners and you can get started on your holiday entertaining!



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