Dress: Urban Outfitters | Sandals: DSW | Bangles: Etsy | Earrings: Lisi Lerch

Hi boos! I hope your week is going well 🙂 Per my last post, I am packing for our bi-annual trip to Daytona Beach for the NASCAR race. Priority one is obviously cheering on Jeremy, but I love going because we get to stay in the most adorable retro pink motel that y’all have seen countless times here on the blog. I recently received an order in from Urban Outfitters and was pleasantly surprised by how feminine and well-fitting the dresses were! UO is typically a bit too trendy for me – I gravitate more toward classic pieces – but I fell in love with these and want to share with y’all today a few that I have packed for our beach trip!

Let’s start with my hands-down FAVORITE – this adorable fruit-print mini dress. From the silhouette to the print to the puff sleeves, it is serious perfection! I ordered my typical size and it fits like a glove and stays secure across the chest. The only thing I would advise is that if you have a large bust, you might want to skip on this because I am part of the itty bitty titty committee and its definitely snug. I have seen this pretty alllll over Instagram, so I would say if you love it, to grab it QUICK because things tend to sell out fast.

If you are shopping around their site, I did want to make you aware of a couple of other dresses I snagged because they are so stinkin’ cute! The first of which is this off-the-shoulder colorful plaid dress and the other is this yellow tiered mini. Both come highly recommended!

Random aside but have y’all heard all the hype around Joe Rogan’s interview with Bob Lazar about his documentary on Netflix? My cousin sent me the link yesterday and while I was getting some work done, I played the whole two-hour interview and now I feel like my brain is about to explode. I began watching the documentary as well, but it seemed a little too out there for my liking. Regardless though, the podcast is a must listen!

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