If there’s one thing I can talk about all day, its shoes. Luckily for me, I recently had the pleasure of speaking with fellow Atlanta-native Julie Brown about her wonderful line of environmentally conscious, super-stylish footwear, Julie Bee’s.  And luckily for you, she’s offering $50 off a pair of her shoes using the coupon code: EcoChic 🙂

What motivated you to begin Julie Bee’s?

JB: I wanted eco-friendly yet fashionable shoes that weren’t crunchy granola. The company really evolved from there.

How are most shoes today manufactured?

JB: Most shoes today come from overseas and are made with little regard to the environment and the long-term effects on our communities. These shoes are made on machines and rarely feature real leather components. They are created using non-replenishable resources and pump out chemicals into the environment.

What is the Julie Bee’s difference?

JB: Our shoes are crafted by hand in the United States with real leather, vintage pieces, and vegetable dye. No machines involved. On top of being eco-friendly, I wanted to keep the industry here in the US.

Who is the Julie Bee’s girl?

JB: She’s a lady that is stylish, yet put together. She is confident and sexy and has that right look. The names of each of our styles were inspired by these ladies and the aesthetics of the cities they come from.

Shop Julie Bee’s line of footwear here.


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