It’s time to paw-ty! Hopefully Santa Clause was good to you, but today is all about spoiling your pup. My little monkey means the world to me and I try to pick out unique gifts for her including outfits, treats, toys, and more. As I was on my most recent hunt, I found the cutest and most beneficial products and thought I would share them with my fellow dog moms and dads out there. Regardless of the holidays being over, spoiling your dog is a year-round process so grab your furry friend and check out my favorite five ways to spoil your pet and, subsequently, yourself.


If you can imagine it, there is a dog toy out there of it. I can’t get over how cute the options are! I mean… Chewy Vuitton, Sniffany & Co., and Starbarks?! Take all my money!



The most unique product I’ve come across lately is Royal Canin’s Genetic Health Analysis (GHA) testing. It’s basically Ancestry DNA for your dog! It is a vet-administered test that uses the latest science to scan your dog’s DNA for ancestry information and make comparisons against 3,000 specific genetic markers. So if you have a mutt, you can finally learn about what exactly they are. And not only is it beyond interesting to learn more about your four-legged friend, most importantly, GHA testing has significant benefits, including determining the best diet for your dog, potential health issues and insights around your dog’s exercise habits – all based on breed-makeup. Molly was given to me as a gift and is on the large side of the breed, so I can finally learn if she is a pure-bred Brussels Griffon or not!


Molly loves to wear clothes, so I always a few cute outfits for her to swap in an out of. She is a long-haired Brussels Griffon but since Jeremy likes to keep her cut short, I compensate by keeping her bundled up in sweaters during the winter.



Finally an easy and inexpensive way for me to connect with Molly when I’m out of the house! Petzi Wifi Pet Camera and Treat Dispenser sets up in your home and you connect and control it via the Petzi app. Using the free app you can SEE your pup, SPEAK to them, SNAP a picture, or give them a TREAT. Talk about my favorite new app. Are you on Instagram, Cortney? Nope. Just spying on Molly again!


The first gift that Jeremy ever gave me when we began dating was a stuffed animal that looked JUST like Molly. I knew it was love then! 😉 There are quite a few websites out there, but Jeremy used Shelter Pups. You send them a handful of pictures of your dog and they create an 8-inch stuffed version of it. The turn-around time is about two weeks and the resemblance is uncanny. The only tricky part is keeping the toy away from Molly!

Thank you to Royal Canin for sponsoring the mention of Genetic Health Analysis in this post,

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