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I am back with another peek into a day of our honeymoon! I mentioned before that we took a Mediterranean cruise, Royal Caribbean’s Jewel of the Seas to be specific, so I wanted to share how we spent our port day in Santorini for anyone cruising to the beautiful island soon. I have to begin by stating the obvious – one day isn’t anywhere near enough time to see ALL that Santorini has to offer, but if you want a quick highlight reel then here we go!

This is my second trip to Santorini, my first came when I was 16 on a school trip. We walked up and down the cliffside (holy moly) and spent our day roaming around Fira. Gorgeous, yes, but I had no idea there was so much more to this island. So this time around, I did my research and had a few more points of interest I had to see, beginning with Oia.

Oia has to be one of the most photographed cities in the world. It is the postcard of Santorini; white buildings spotted with blue domed churches. The first thing you need to know about this city is that it’s pronounced ee-ah. I scoured the internet prior to our trip to find the easiest way to get to Oia and was still a bit confused. Websites mentioned a shortage of cabs in the area, you can hike from Fira but it’s a doozy, or the possibility of renting ATVs. Once we tendered in from the cruise ship I realized how simple it is! There is a boat right at the port that will take you directly to the city and then a motorcoach will drive you up the cliff. This motorcoach will then take you from Oia to Fira on the hour every hour and all of this is included in the price of about 15 euros. The sign is right at the port, to the left of the cable cars. It’s impossible to miss. An added benefit of going to Oia first is you miss the long lines for the cable cars (and they are loonnnggg).

So Jeremy and I took the quick boat ride over to Oia and my breath was immediately taken away. Pictures really don’t do it justice, it is stunning. As you walk along the main roads, be sure to pop down the little side roads to see the cliffside view. These side roads will take you to many of the blue-domed churches. But just to prepare you, the streets are crowded and hundreds of people are aggressively trying to take photos. It can get overwhelming, so if you hate crowds, I would suggest being first off the cruise ship or visiting Oia late in the day. Another thing to keep in mind is that restaurant and cafe owners may not seat you at a table with a view if you are just ordering coffee or wine. Those seats are reserved for customers ordering enough to make it worth their while. So you may want to skip breakfast on the cruise ship and opt for a relaxing brunch with an amazing view.

After shopping and strolling the winding pathways of the city, Jeremy and I bumped into one of his childhood friends in Oia (what are the odds?!) who mentioned that him and his friends had rented ATVs. We LOVED the freedom of exploring Mykonos on an ATV, so we hopped on the motorcoach to rent one in Fira. For about 35 euro, we had our ATV and were off to see one of Santorini’s most famous beaches, Kamari Beach.

Santorini has quite a few beaches and each are unique. There are red, white, and black sand beaches thanks to the volcano eruption that created the caldera. So depending on your interests, there is a beach for you! While the red and white sand beaches are a bit more secluded, Kamari Beach (which has black sand) is a popular beach with plenty of restaurants and shopping. We followed the street signs, which are also in English to the beach, which was about a 15-20 drive from Fira. It was amazing and unlike any I had seen before, albeit tough to walk on! The beach is buzzing with activity without being overcrowded and you can just grab a beach chair to be served while relaxing. If we had more time in Santorini, I would have dedicated a day or two to lounging at this amazing beach. Jeremy and I dipped our toes in the Aegean Sea and grabbed gyros and chips before returning to Fira for some last-minute exploration.

To fully experience Fira, you would need another whole day at least, but we had to be back at the ship soon so we meandered through the beautiful winding roads before heading to the cable cars. When I saw the line, I was in shock. I walked and walked and could never find the end of it! The cruise director had mentioned it was long, but I wasn’t prepared for how long it really is! So we said screw it, we’re walking the donkey path down to the ship. I mean, how bad could it be? Well, it was quite the experience. I wouldn’t suggest walking this trail for everyone. It is a bit strenuous and the stones are slippery, so be careful and alert. But OMG, it was HILARIOUS! You spend the whole walk trying to avoid donkey land mines and every so often the donkeys are released en mass to return to the bottom and you have to do your best to avoid the stampede. We were walking with quite a few fellow cruisers and the comments from everyone had me cracking up the whole time. If you are of the health to make the walk, I would totally suggest it!

Overall, a day in Santorini is amazing but leaves you itching to return and spend more time. I could have spent hours just sitting and staring at it all. As for what to wear, maxi rompers were my go to. They are perfect for the breezier spots high atop Fira and Oia and the romper was great for riding on an ATV. Make sure to wear comfy flats (I wore these $18 sandals) because you will be walking up and down stairs quite a bit and the streets aren’t flat. You can shop my favorite maxi rompers at the top 🙂

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