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Ever since I started wearing my Bellami Hair Extensions, I have received a number of questions about them and thought I’d answer them all with a Q&A! I want to start by saying that these are my genuine beliefs about this product and this isn’t a sponsored post. I am not an expert on extensions, but I have tried many in the past and personally feel that these are the ones I would recommend… I can even offer y’all $5 off with code courtneyd! Read on to learn all about them!

Bellami Boogati Hair Extensions 11

Which kit should I get? I have tried quite a few clip-in extensions in the past and would now swear by the Bellami Boo-gatti 320g 22″ set. It is basically a two-in-one kit with each box set including a 120g 22″ volumizer weft and an additional six wefts totaling 220g 22″. I have really thin, fine hair and can’t wear a lot of wefts or they’ll show through my natural hair. The Bellami Boo-gatti is perfect because to achieve the look I like, I only need to wear the volumizer weft and a 2″ clip on either side. Because there is still SO much hair left in the kit, I curl these three and keep the other half straight so I can wear whichever depending on the look I am going for that day.

Bellami Boogati Hair Extensions 2

Bellami Boogati Hair Extensions 1

How do I pick which color to get? It’s simple! Grab your phone and head out into natural light (outdoors in a shadow) and snap a few pictures of your hair. Then email them to info@bellamihair.com and they will tell you which shade it closest to your hair color. I guessed on my own based off of the website and was way off! The shade that my Bellami rep suggested for me, Beach Blonde, was perfect. You can see in the pictures below that it doesn’t look like the same color as my roots (because I’m naturally a brunette), but once they’re clipped in you can’t tell at all and they blend flawlessly with the ends of my hair. Be sure to clip in the tester when you receive your kit. If it doesn’t match, you can send it back. But if you open the whole package, you void your warranty.

How do you install them?  I part my hair about halfway down my head and clip it up. I spray a little hairspray since my hair is so thin, and then press the volumizer weft around the base of my head and make sure I have closed all of the clips. These clips work the best of any extensions I have used and is one of the most important parts of extensions. I can wear them all day without worrying they’ll become loose! I then part the sides of my hair and clip in a 2″ weft on either side.

Bellami Boogati Hair Extensions 4

Bellami Boogati Hair Extensions 5

Bellami Boogati Hair Extensions 8

Bellami Boogati Hair Extensions 6

Bellami Boogati Hair Extensions 7

Can you curl the extensions? Yes, but be sure to use a heat protectant spray like this one. I curl my extensions carefully once they are clipped on to my head, but many people curl them ahead of time. I also tend to hold the extension around the curling wand a bit longer than I do my own hair because it is so much thicker and longer. Once you have curled them once, they maintain the curl pretty well and you can just curl your own hair, clip these in, and go!

Can I see a before and after? Sure! Keep in mind that this is only with the volumizer weft and two 2″. There is still much more hair if you want to go thicker than me!

before and after bellami hair extensions

What are your tips for keeping the clips hidden? This is tougher for me because I have such thin hair. But I do a couple things before I leave the house to make sure you can’t see the extension clips. First, I make sure to clip the extensions midway down my head. The higher on the head, the more potentially visible they are. Secondly, make sure to tease your hair around the top of your scalp. The Bellami Boo-gatti kit comes with Lift Me, or Push Powder. Finish off your look by tapping a bit of this powder around where you teased your hair. It will give your hair a talc-y feeling that will hold a tease better. I make sure to lift that area with my hands throughout the day/night to make sure there is still volume.

Bellami Boogati Hair Extensions 9

How do you maintain them? I have worn mine quite a few times without needing to wash them. I just try to take as good care of them as possible. The Bellami Boo-gati kit comes with a detangler and a storage bag and hanger, so I make sure to put them in it as soon as they come off my head. You can wash them if you need to with a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner like these, but I would try to hold off as long as possible.

Do they damage your hair? No, thank goodness! I have been playing around with the idea of tape-in extensions, but have read so much about the damage they can cause to your hair if they aren’t properly maintained. That is why I personally decided to go with clip-in extensions. I wear less of them, so they aren’t heavy on my head either.

I hope this Q&A helped a bit! If you need to see any more examples of the extensions on me, I am wearing them in this, this, and this post.

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