One of the most common questions I receive from y’all is regarding pre-owned luxury handbags, so I thought I would break down some of the details today. Purchasing a designer bag, for most of us, is a major investment and one that should be approached with time and research. I, personally, have never bought a bag on a whim and without the necessary consideration. Besides the obvious of simply loving the style and look of a purse, there are a few important things I contemplate.

Firstly, is this bag practical? I tote around an insane amount of stuff on a daily basis and while I may spring for a crossbody for a night out, a bag that will hold all my odds and ends is one that’s worth spending a bit more money on. Secondly, is the color and material something that will pair well with the majority of my wardrobe and hold up to the wear and tear of everyday life? While my heart beats for pink, a stick to neutrals and classic prints that I can wear with everything for years.

Finally, is this something I need brand new or can I save by purchasing it pre-loved? While forgoing the storefront option may take away from the experience of buying luxury products, I’m personally more concerned with the bag itself. My dustbags and designer boxes are (ironically) collecting dust deep in my closet. As such, lately I have gone the route of pre-owned bags. Sure, it takes a bit of extra effort, but that time has saved me a huge chunk of change.

In the past, it’s been tricky to determine which sites are legitimate. Luckily, eBay has a dedicated section of their site for Authenticated Luxury Handbags. These bags have been verified by experts and guaranteed by eBay. And many even have a return option! I found this Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM while browsing the hundreds of gently used Louis Vuitton bags and it came with sturdy, secure packaging and a tag proving that it was reviewed by the experts. Plus, did you know that 69% of items on eBay ship for free?! The ease of delivery is great for folks like me that live in small-town America.

After carrying this Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM for some time now, I recommend it wholeheartedly over any of my other bags. The size, shape, color, and material are so classic and practical and it’s one you will love for years to come. An added pleasant surprise of this tote is how well it wears over time. The straps not only deepen in color, but soften for a more comfortable wear on your shoulder. As such, this handbag is one you should consider purchasing pre-owned on eBay.


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