I am getting a little more personal with y’all today and sharing my proposal story, pictures, and video. Jeremy and I had talked in the past about wanting to go skydiving and with our anniversary coming up on July 16th, it seemed like the perfect time. Well let me tell you, just saying you want to go skydiving and the reality of having it booked are two totally different things! I could barely eat on the days leading up to the trip (disclaimer: I only have one friend that has skydived before and he threw up) and was a bundle of nerves when we arrived to Skydive Carolina. Jeremy, of course, was as cool as a cucumber the whole day.

Upon arrival, you watch a ten-minute video on how you have signed all of your rights away including the rights of your estate should you die. Great! Then, we got suited up and hopped on a tiny cargo plane. People always ask why anyone would want to jump out of a perfectly good airplane, but the thing about it is… it isn’t.

About halfway up the ascent, the door opens and some solo divers bail. This is when the reality really hits you. Skydive Carolina takes you to 14,000 ft with your ears popping the whole way. Then, they open the door again and the tandem divers begin jumping. Jeremy was first (see what he did there) and I was at the door immediately following his jump. You don’t get a choice on where you go, you are strapped to the instructor like a baby bjorn. I have told everyone who hasn’t tried it yet, you don’t have to be brave enough to jump out of a plane because they do it for you, you just have to be brave enough to get on the plane.

The free fall was awesome (and I made some ridiculous faces). I was expecting my stomach to flip like on a roller coaster, but it didn’t. It was more like laying on the ground and having someone put a leaf blower in your face. I even tried some silly hand gestures, but since it is so hard to move your hands, I look like an elderly person! Then the chute is pulled and it was a relaxing trip back to the airport, with me totally oblivious about what was to come.

When I landed (on my butt), Jeremy came over and proposed! It was exciting and overwhelming all rolled into one.. seriously, I went through every emotion all in a matter of hours. But I couldn’t be more excited to spend my life with him. As an only child (and only grandchild: no cousins), I am fiercely independent. I have always valued my alone time and believed I needed more than the average person. Until I met Jeremy. My mother always told me when the right man for me comes along, I will always want to put time with him ahead of time alone. And when we aren’t together, I will wish we were. She couldn’t have been more right! I could spend hours listing all of his amazing attributes but at the end of the day, I truly feel like I have found my other half and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us!

Thank you all for every congratulation and well wish! We have read every single comment and text and are overwhelmed with joy! If you want to watch the full video of our skydive and proposal, scroll to the bottom 🙂

Skydive Proposal 1

Skydive Proposal 2

Skydive Proposal 3

Skydive Proposal 5

Skydive Proposal 13

Skydive Proposal 6

Skydive Proposal 8

Skydive Proposal 10

Skydive Proposal 11

Skydive Proposal 12

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    • Thank you Davida! It is so worth it! I keep telling anyone considering it… you don’t have to be brave enough to jump out of a plane, just brave enough to get on the plane (because you don’t have a choice once you’re on the plane lol)

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