There are most girls on Halloween… and then there’s me. I’ve done silly, I’ve done sexy, it was high time to go spooky. Honestly, I’d been wracking my brain trying to think of a unique costume this season. I have great ideas all year-round that I can never remember come October. Go figure. Luckily, Wet n’ Wild sent over a HUGE PR package full of face paints, liquid lips, shadow palettes & basically everything you need to transform into whoever (or whatever) you can imagine. So the makeup gods basically decided for me and I knew I wanted to try Pennywise.

Halloween is easily my favorite holiday. Jeremy and I thrive throughout October. Last week, we we drove to Orlando to visit Halloween Horror Nights (our annual tradition) and this past weekend we went to the infamous 18+ haunted house where the actors can choke you, push you around, and pull your hair. It was SO INTENSE. Now, we’re looking forward to this weekend because we’ll be in Kansas City and heading to the Edge of Hell, one of our all-time favorites!! All of this to say, we love anything scary, creepy, spooky, or horror related… especially the classics.

I grew up watching the original IT – side note: I hate balloons now – and we thoroughly enjoyed the two re-boots. Bill Hader is a STAR! So I had so much fun painting my face to become Pennywise. 

If you’re wanting to use makeup as an integral part of your Halloween costume, I must highly recommend some of Wet n’ Wild’s latest drops. Most important were the Multisticks. They’re only $2.99 & I used the black, red, & pearl white to sketch out the smile, line my eyes, & highlight my inner corners. I cut my crease with the white liquid eyeshadow and set it with a shimmery white loose pigment – both steps I’ll be incorporating into my glam makeup routine – as well as topped the look off with their best-selling Liquid Catsuit lipstick in shade Vampire’s Juice Box.

And if you’re still on the fence on what to be for Halloween, I suggest checking out their Fantasy Makers section of the site. They have $15 kits that feature everything you need to transform into a vampire (or clown), a sugar skull, a cat & more! Happy October, loves!

P.S. Scroll to the bottom of the post to see my attempt to dress Molly up as Georgie!

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