Blonde Female Model

Materials: Wire cutters, silk flowers with their stems pulled off, floral tape, scissors, thin floral wire, thick floral wire as twine (Hobby Lobby)

Photos by MacLeod Designs & Photography

Recently, I’ve been seeing girls wearing floral crowns at places other than their local Renaissance Festival. A la Coachella and Lana Del Rey, floral crowns have gone mainstream and I wanted to try my hand at crafting one. Since I was experimenting, I selected sale flowers at the crafts store and borrowed pliers from one of my coworkers. Total, the supplies cost about $18. If you aren’t the DIY-type, you can purchase ready-made crowns here, here, and (my favorite!) here. If you are, here are the steps to making a floral crown:

  1. Remove the stems from your silk flowers.
  2. Fit the thick floral wire to your head’s size and twist it around two to three times so it has some substance.
  3. Cut your floral wire into six inch pieces.
  4. Thread the thin floral wire through the silk flower.
  5. Wrap it around the thick floral wire until secure.
  6. Cover up the wire by wrapping the green floral tape around the exposed thin wire.
  7. Almost on top of the first flower, repeat steps 4-6 again.
  8. Continue until finished!

I wrapped my flowers around the entire crown, but experiment with it until you find what best suits you!

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