Pumpkin Pickin’













Dress: H&M (Old, similar here) Boots: Jessica Simpson Bag: Phillip Lim for Target Earrings: Junk In Me Trunk

I love doing all things Fall: haunted houses, college football games, and, of course, carving pumpkins. Last weekend, Kevin and I went to Scarrigan Farms, a haunted trail and corn maze that scared the crap out of us!

This weekend, we’re heading to my alma mater Auburn University to watch them play Florida Atlantic. I haven’t been on the Plains since April so I’m looking forward to returning to my old home.

So in the spirit of checking things off the list, we went to pick out our perfect pumpkin on Sunday. Now, time to get carving!


DIY Valentino-Inspired Studded Leather Clutch

I am becoming quite the proponent of upcycling… and studs… on everything! So after finding this black leather bag at my local Goodwill, I was inspired to create my own take on the Valentino RockStud Clutch. I searched high and low in my local craft stores and could not find studs. As it turns out, flatback beads and super glue work just as well, and it’s even easier to make! Just make sure the glue says that it works with leather.

DIY Valentino Inspired Clutch 2

Materials: Black Leather Clutch (Here is an affordable option), Studs, Scotch Super Glue Gel

And here is a Michaels coupon for 40% off the materials!

DIY Valentino Inspired Clutch 3

I simply laid out the beads about a half inch from the edge of the clutch and began to glue. Keep in mind that a little glue goes a long way! If you put too much on the back of the bead, it will ooze out of the sides and dry white. No bueno. I would recommend using a q-tip to dot the glue on your bead before attaching it to the bag. Stud three sides like me or four like Valentino and voila! You’ve jazzed up a boring bag 🙂

DIY Valentino Inspired Clutch 4


The Junkman’s Daughter

Leopard Scarf2

Leopard Scarf1

Leopard Scarf4

Leopard Scarf10

Leopard Scarf7

Leopard Scarf9

Leopard Scarf5

Leopard Scarf6

Blazer: Forever 21 Scarf: Wet Seal T-Shirt: Old Navy Jeans: Forever 21 (Old, similar here) Shoes: Lulu’s Bag: Phillip Lim for Target

Kevin and I took a trip to Atlanta the other weekend so he could watch the Braves win one last game in the Playoffs 🙁 Needing no excuse, I followed along after picking Molly up from getting fixed (wearing the Cone of Shame) and headed down to spend a relaxing weekend with my parents. On Saturday, we visited Little Five Points. This area is wild… think hipster, stoner, and hip hop squeezed into a small block. It’s where we used to get fake IDs in high school (shhh…). We took these pics outside the ultimate gag-gift wild-child store that is Junkman’s Daughter after shopping.

I did a post in the summer about my go-to warm weather pieces and this could definitely serve as the follow-up for fall. A black blazer, a white tee, and boyfriend jeans can be mixed and matched to create tons of looks. I kept it casual pairing mine with a leopard scarf and my yellow mini Phillip Lim. I don’t wear a lot of colors, so I’m always pleasantly surprised at how a bright bag really brings a whole outfit together.

On a side note, Rob Tiongson of The Podium Finish wrote a super sweet article about this blog and the NASCAR team that I work for. Check it out here!