My Go-To Pieces




Do you have one of those live-in-it outfits? This is it for me. Well, really a compilation of my favorite go-to pieces.

I’d been searching all summer for the perfect worn in jean shorts and I found them (surprisingly) at American Eagle. I hadn’t thought to go in that store since high school, but all of their denim fits me well. It hasn’t begun to cool down in North Carolina yet, but when it does, these should still pair well with black tights and boots.

The white tank is from Forever 21 and I wear it with everything from shorts to maxi skirts. I struggle finding a slouchy tank that is long enough for my torso, but not low enough that I need a bandeau. When I found this one (for $4.80), I scopped it up in a number of colors.

Anyone who knows me knows I having been obsessing over the perfect gold and silver watch to tie all of my metals together, and Michael Kors designed the perfect one. I hated having to swap my purse and shoes to match the jewelry I was wearing and this watch has made everything finally match.

I feel the same way about this sweater. I needed a good neutral sweater to keep in my bag because I’m cold about 90% of the time and this one goes with everything from white to brown to black. I found this one where I find most of my staples, H&M.

What is your favorite go-to piece in your closet?


Glass Bottle Jewelry Holders


Out of sight, out of mind? Do you ever find yourself not wearing your jewelry because it’s not displayed? These bottles will solve that problem! Now my bracelets and watches are easy to see and organized. Not to mention an attractive table top decoration! Have fresh flowers? Stick them in the bottles too. I picked these bottles up at my local Ross for between $2.99 and $3.99!


Red Maxi & Chambray






A couple months ago, I tried out my first yoga class with my friend Shannon. I have to say, I don’t think I’m cut out for it. I just cannot touch my toes for the life of me! I discussed this with the instructor following the class and, after giving me the once-over, she told me that my legs and torso are disproportionate. Since my legs are short and my torso is long, I may never be able to touch my toes. But hey, I’ve made it 25 years and it hasn’t killed me yet.

With that being said, there is nothing like a good maxi skirt to even out my frame. I wear heels every chance I get, but there are just some occasions where they aren’t appropriate. And high-waisted shorts give me (and honestly everyone) “mom butt”. Remember Jessica Simpson?

Enter the maxi skirt. The short girl’s best friend. It gives the illusion of long legs and is comfy to boot. I grabbed this one in red and green at Marshall’s!