Dress: Hayley Paige / Belt: Etsy / Bracelets: Kendra Scott, Kendra Scott / Heels: ASOS / Robes: Etsy

I am so excited to finally share our wedding photos! We got married at Langtree Plantation in Mooresville, N.C. and the day was such a whirlwind, I honestly needed these photos to actually see how everything looked. You know how people say the day flies by? Well, they are only half lying. The wedding and reception were over in the blink of an eye, but the moments before walking down the aisle were some of the longest of my life. But all the stress, nerves, excitement, planning, etc. was SO worth getting to marry the love of my life! And while my amazing photographer Alison of The Glitter Lens (she’s also my blog photographer!) handed me over 600 photos, I’ve narrowed it down to my favorites to share with y’all.

As Jeremy and I went through these photos again, weeks after the wedding, we were reminded of so many wonderful moments. We both agreed that our favorite part of the weekend was getting to have all of our best friends and family together in the same place. We were so pleasantly surprised by how well everyone got along and know that we’ll never get to experience that again. We went out after the rehearsal dinner and after the wedding and while we were hurting en route to the honeymoon, it was worth those extra hours enjoying the company of our loved ones.

I can’t offer any unique advice for the day – there are things that won’t go according to plan and things that will go better than you could have ever expected – but to take those precious moments with people you don’t get to see very often. Step away from the crowd to catch up with your childhood best friend, use your father-daughter dance to really listen to your dad’s advice (he has waited a lifetime for this moment), save a dance for your grandfather, make sure your favorite couple catches the bouquet/garter, and let whoever is in the women’s bathroom help hold your dress while you pee – it makes for some of the funniest chats!

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  1. Cortney.. the pictures of the wedding are fabulous! I am so glad you chose to stick with the awesome shoes!! Glad you all chose to make the day yours and do it your way!! As I said the day I made the comment about the shoes.. it’s your wedding.. your day.. I truly hope it was full of love.. it looks like it was! Jeremy is such a special young man to us.. I hope that the joy that we see reflected in the pictures and videos continues for a lifetime! Joni

  2. I love everything about your wedding!! It looks amazing 🙂 where are the bridesmaid dress from? I love how they are all different. My sister is getting married in December and we are having a hard time finding bridesmaid dresses.

    • Thanks so much Erica!! 🙂 All but one are Adrianna Papell. I have found that Dillard’s has that brand for the least expensive.

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