Nothing like crossing over into your thirties to realize that not only do you not outgrow the occasional breakout, but now you have fine lines and skin discoloration to deal with. Yay for aging! I had been weighing my skincare options – do I see a dermatologist for cystic acne (those painful, under-the-skin bumps), a aesthetician for regular facials, or is it time to head to the doctor for a little filler or botox – when I stumbled upon Nurysh’s Lyft device.

The Lyft is a 7-in-1 anti-aging and skin rejuvenation device that reduces fine lines and wrinkles, improves skins tone and texture, tightens skin, minimizes pore size and acne breakouts, and balances uneven skin pigmentation. I have been using mine regularly for the past three weeks and wanted to pop on here and share my results and exact routine.

Let’s chat about how the Lyft device works… It features four treatment modes that can be used in combination or individually depending on your specific skincare needs. I always begin my nighttime skincare routine with the Cleanser Treatment Function. I apply my favorite cleanser (typically Dermalologica’s PreCleanse or Banila Co. Clean It Zero) then massage my face with the Lyft for five minutes or so. I clean the probe with a damp cloth and move on to my serum and moisturizer. I turn on the Nutrition Treatment Function and spend about 10-15 seconds doing soft circular motions on each area of my face.

Two to three times a week, I do a quick at-home face lift and photo rejuvenation therapy – both of which I used to spend over $100 on at the aesthetician. The red light increases blood circulation to diminish wrinkles, tighten skin and encourage production of new skin cells. The blue light diminishes inflammation, kills bacteria from within while preventing future acne breakouts. And the green light calms and balances the skin tone and encourages even pigment production which will leave your skin even and bright. I have received more compliments on my skin since using the Nurysh Lyft than ever before! They were nice enough to offer y’all 20% off your very own device with code 20CDPROMO. Click HERE to purchase and let me know in the comments whether you’ve tried it and how it improved your skin 🙂

Thank you to Nurysh for sponsoring this post. All thoughts & opinions are my own.

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