Today is a big day, y’all! I am launching my BRAND NEW holiday sticker pack so you can easily take your Instagram Stories – and even posts – to the next level! This new and improved pack includes 30 stickers ranging from colorful Christmas to makeup and fashion, five textures, and 12 commonly used phrases in a gorgeous script and holiday-themed fonts. That’s a total of 47 stickers… my BIGGEST pack EVER! Click HERE to head over to the product page.

If you’re new to using stickers, they’re SO easy. All you do is copy the image, then paste it in the text bar on your Instagram Story. Instagram will typically prompt you will “ADD STICKER”, as well. They work over video and images alike and you can use one or multiple to achieve whatever design you want. The sky is the limit! The best part, other than a fantastically unique Story, is that stickers won’t reduce the resolution of your photos or videos like gifs will. Hallelujah! Pro tip – I keep all of my stickers in a folder on my phone for easy access. 

Since I created so many stickers, I can’t possibly share all of them with you here, but I have included a snippet of the stickers, text, and. textures so that you can get a good idea of what you’ll receive. I’m highlighting all of them on my Instagram under the STICKERS highlight. Just click the image or title below to head to the product page to purchase all 47 stickers for only $16.


The holiday pack retails for only $16! You will be prompted to pay securely through PayPal. Once payment is completed, click Return to Merchant and your files will be available for download. Bonus – the files will also be sent to your email address so you can download them at a later time. KEEP IN MIND – some text and textures are white png files so you can only see them in your photos if you tap the image to turn the background black. These show up beautifully when layered over images and video.


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