Shirt: Forever 21 Pants: American Eagle Shoes: Lulu’s Bag: Aldo

Trends change so quickly that it is difficult to keep up without deep pockets or a sugar daddy (…totally kidding). This season’s “it bag” or “it shoes” may be out of style by next season. And as a 25-year-old with a dog and car payments, I can’t invest in every pretty thing I see (even if it is as pretty as this season’s new it bag, the Kate Spade Beau Bag).

There are great deals to be had online, but I struggle in this department. Case in point, my Steve Madden wedges. When they arrived after ordering them from, I received one 8.5 and one 6. Someone explain to me how that happens?! And don’t get me started on ordering clothes… they always wind up HUGE! Since when does a medium mean XXL? Luckily, Lulu’s and Aldo always seem to have that quality piece at an affordable price (and the right size).

Like the shoes above for example. They’re reminiscent of the Valentino “Rockstud” pump but for only $42 from! Plus you get $5 off if you sign up for Lulu’s emails. If you’re looking for the real thing, Valentino just released the “Rockstud” in leopard print…. swoon!

And if you’re looking for a structured winged bag similar to the ever-popular Céline, try this one from Aldo. Use coupon code SIGNUP19912 to get %10 off your order. Some other good options are here, here, and here.

I would say invest in the classics: a nice watch, some tailored jeans, a comfortable pair of black pumps, and that elusive perfect white T. Then take advantage of fashion’s trickle-down effect to score the latest trends at an affordable price. Happy shopping!


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