If you know me, you know that I’m certainly not the authority to speak on organization, but we’re all feeling extra confident after a few episodes of Marie Kondo so here goes…

Let’s begin with a little backstory – I moved in to Jeremy’s bachelor pad after we got married a couple years ago. He had a bonus room upstairs that he wasn’t utilizing and relinquished it to me; which was a fabulous choice for both of us because I am able to conveniently hide all of my crap in a very low-trafficked area of the home and he’s able to retain the closet space he needs in the bedroom. But while the square footage of the room was substantial, the vaulted ceilings presented unique design and storage challenges.

I have shared my cloffice in the past (check it out HERE) and while I was happy with how the space turned out, I found myself working in other rooms of our house the more and more disorganized the space became. So, I recently reworked a handful of areas and added a few critical storage solutions and I can’t believe how much more use I am getting out of it. Come along with me as I share some easy, game-changing storage and organizational tips that will satisfy the spark of OCD in us all 😉


Clothing Rack: At Home (Similar HERE) | Hangers: Amazon | 3-Tier Cart: Amazon (Pink Version HERE)

The KonMari Method says start with clothes so let’s do it! As a full time fashion blogger, I have clothes arriving quite often that I work to share with y’all in an expedited manner. Since this bonus room unfortunately doesn’t feature a closet, it was a necessity to purchase a clothing rack in which I could hang up outfits that I needed to shoot. I scored this particular clothing rack for under $40 at At Home, but since you can only shop in store I shared a similar option above.

The addition was great and much needed, but this little corner of my room always looked so cluttered until I invested in matching hangers. I found these acrylic and gold hangers on Amazon. A little extra, yes, but my clothes deserve it! (LOL) This is seriously the most simple little change that makes a BIG difference.


Storage Cubes: Wal-Mart | Acrylic Jewelry Box: Glambox | Acrylic Necklace Stand: Amazon | Over-The-Door Hanger: Target | Shoe Rack: Target | Wicker Baskets: Amazon | Sunglasses Stand: Amazon

Next was tackling accessories… which just so happen to be my weakness (as evident by the photos). I began by purchasing these storage cubes to act as a television stand as well as additional storage. I make sure to keep books on display that spark joy, baskets for various smaller bags, scarves, etc., and a sunglass stand that allows me to see exactly what I have. For larger purses and hats, I added this over the door hook organizer to capitalize on the small amount of vertical space the room features.

Speaking of, I can’t say enough good things about my Glambox Jewelry Box. It is certainly an investment, but it is one that’s worthwhile. The tough thing about little baubles is that if you can’t see them, you won’t wear them. Glambox solves this problem and then some! Having a dedicated place for necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings brings about an incomparable satisfaction. Worth every penny.

Finally was my ever-growing shoe collection. It had driven me nuts going from room to room to put together an outfit, so I utilized a hidden corner of the room for heels, sneakers, and booties, and put an over the door organizer for my sandals and clutches. For OTK boots, I keep them in a neat line underneath my ottoman.


Console Table: Amazon | Lighted Mirror: Impressions | Acrylic Bench: Amazon | Cosmetics Organizer: Amazon | Light Up Sign: Forever 21

Most game-changing of the entire cloffice re-work was creating a dedicated vanity space so that my cosmetics weren’t spilling over into my work station. If y’all have been following along for any length of time, then you know that I am equally (if not more) passionate about beauty as I am about fashion. I love trying new products and am on constant hunt for the best of the best. As such, my collection has grown generously.

For over a year, I had been using my desk as my vanity, but it just wasn’t making much sense anymore. So I removed the bottom shelf off of the console table I had in the corner that served more as a decorative feature than as utility. I added an acrylic bench and voila! Instant vanity. I can’t say enough about the peace of mind having all of my makeup in one dedicated space provides. But this space isn’t quite complete yet! Since this is technically a console table and not a desk, I am planning on investing in this amazing slay station so I can continue to grow my collection and eventually begin filming some YouTube videos!


Desk: Overstock | Lamp: Hobby Lobby | Ceramic Pineapple: Wal-Mart | Calendar: Snapfish

Piggy-backing off of the last topic was reclaiming my desk as a dedicated work space. When a room lacks storage, a large desk becomes a catch-all of books, bags, makeup, drinks, etc. Think of it like the token corner chair in everyone’s room that no one sits in but you throw everything onto. So once I had removed all of the makeup out of the drawers and off its surface, I was able to have a big, clear working space and have all of my papers and office supplies at my finger tips again.

To keep my business organized I not only use a planner, but also my free blogging planner printables (which you can find HERE). I always keep the Revenue Spreadsheet front and center! As a blogger working with brands, it is difficult to keep track of compensation dates because each company/agency has a different payment cycle. On top of that, companies each pay different ways (direct deposit, Paypal, check). I fill all of this info in to my revenue spreadsheet and clip a copy of the contract into the back of the planner. When payment is resolved, I highlight through the campaign.

Another fun touch to my desk space is the addition of this personalized desk calendar. I chat more about it HERE and have a discount code too, but I love having pictures of my loved ones and memorable travel in order to keep me motivated.

Thank you so much for touring my updated cloffice space! If you have any storage solutions that you swear by, be sure to share them in the comments below.

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