Whenever I have a million things I’m loving right now, I have to compile them all into a Friday Five. Honestly this probably could have been broken up into a few different posts, but I hope y’all don’t mind that this one is a little longer than normal. I’m sharing 5 things to buy for Fall before they sell out, 5 Summer steals to snag before the season ends, 5 iPhone apps I can’t live without, 5 of the cutest 17-month planners, and 5 of my favorite tennis shoes.

5 of my Summer Favorites to Snag Before it’s Over:

I know summer seems like it is winding down, but there is still 40 days left y’all! There are some pieces that I can’t end the season without and I don’t have to because they are so cheap! Plus if you vacay in the winter, this may be your last opportunity to snatch up your favs.

Shop Summer Steals:

White Space

5 Things to Invest in NOW for Fall:

There are some items that sell out every year. If you are looking to make them a staple in your Fall wardrobe, now is the time to snag them!


J.Crew Factory Herringbone Vest:

Not only is now the time to invest in this popular little vest, it is on sale for the cheapest I have ever seen it! Shop it here.


L.L. Bean Boots:

This is a PSA. If you want these, buy them now or you won’t receive them until April 2017! Just make sure to size down one full size because they run large (I am a true 8.5 and the 7M fits me perfectly). I will do a post on what to know before buying L.L. Bean Boots next week so stay tuned! Buy them here.

Hunter Boots Outfit

Red Hunter Rain Boots:

Hunters will remain in stock throughout the Fall, but the bright red color is so popular that it always becomes hard to find as it gets chillier out. If you love this color as much as I do, I suggest you invest now. Check out this post for what to know before buying your Hunters. Shop them here.

Plaid Blanket Scarves:

While there are a million to choose between, many of the cutest styles will sell out early and retailers like ASOS will not restock them.

Cute Collegiate Apparel:

While it is still hot out now, invest in those adorable Ra Ra shirts and cute pullovers. I just bought this sweatshirt (War Eagle). These will pair perfectly with leggings and your new bean boots 😉


5 Tennis Shoes I’m Loving:

Now that we’re nine months out from the wedding (we booked a venue ah!) I have got to get my butt in gear. I have never worked out in my life, but my metabolism has been on a downhill slope ever since I turned 26. A fit friend of mine suggested the workout DVDs from the 21-Day Fix and holy moly, they’re kicking my butt. My body is in a perpetual state of soreness, but I kind of like it! When I’m feeling lazy, I always tell myself I am only 30 minutes away from a better mood should I work out. What helps me is throwing on a cute outfit. Silly, I know, but the right gear really gets me in the right state of mind. I am loving SO many Nikes out right now and thought I’d share my favs with you:

White Space

5 Apps I Can’t Live Without:

I have done a post on my favorite apps in the past here, but things have changed since and I wanted to share my new list with y’all!

Best Apps for Bloggers


Where has this app been my whole life?! Snug loads your Instagram feed and then allows you to add pictures to it to see how your feed will look. Apparently VSCO had this capability in the past, but since removed this. Regardless, it is fabulous for making sure your feed has the cohesive look you are going for!


For anyone who loves using Boomarang to create cute little video clips, this is the app for you. It is a video editing app that allows you to brighten, colorize, saturate, etc. your videos. I have tried a million in the past and none work as well as Chromic.

Best Apps for Bloggers 2

Color Story:

Color Story is a new photo editing app I have been using more and more often. The filters are beautiful and true to life and I am throwing a light flare on just about every photo to brighten it up. Plus you can save your filter combinations to use on future pics. It saves time and helps your feed remain consistent. Tip: Sign up for their emails and they send out fabulous tutorials written by top bloggers!


Snapseed really is old faithful. The main reason I use this app is for its selective editing capabilities. You can brighten or saturate particular parts of the picture without

Followers for Instagram:

If you are obsessed with your Instagram feed, this is the app for you. I use this app to gain insights into what pictures people are liking and interacting the most and least on. I also use it to see who has unfollowed me (which is always super depressing) and what my follower count it.


5 Agendas for August 2016-December 2017:

I need another agenda like I need a hole in my head, but there are so many adorable ones on the market right now. All of the 17-month agendas have been released recently and I had to share a few I own, plus a few I have my eye on.

Lauren James Planner:

This is probably my favorite planner of all time. Not only is it adorable (think watermelons and bows), but I love how the days are separated into morning, afternoon, and night. It keeps it wayyy more organized for me! I’m not alone in loving it, though, and it is sold out just about everywhere. But keep an eye on the website, but word is they are restocking soon.

Erin Condren Planner:

Erin Condren paper products are so stinkin’ cute! They are chock full of extras… pages of stickers, folders, a zip pouch, and more! They even have a wedding planner that I have my eye on. Plus, you can get them customized with your name or a monogram.

Spartina 449 Planner:

The price on the Spartina Planner made it an easy sell for me, but the mermaid and flamingo motifs throughout it would have put me over the edge anyways! Spartina 449 is headquartered off the coast of South Carolina and their whole vibe is that beachy, southern, Charleston feel… which I love!

The Happy Planner:

This is a new brand to me, but I am loving not only the price, but the whole layout of the agenda. It is full-sized which is perfect for busy people. I’m always squinting to see my chicken scratch and always need a bit more room in my planners. The Happy Planner encompasses all of this with the sweetest colors and graphics to boot.

Kate Spade Planner:

The old classic. I don’t have to say much more than this classic brand continues to wow every year. You can’t ever go wrong with a Kate Spade agenda 🙂

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  1. Love the post. I actually bought the pink pom dress just last week — great minds think alike! Have a great weekend!

    xo Kristy

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