The new year is almost upon us and we can finally kick 2016 to the curb – it was a weird year, amiright?! As so often it is, my New Year’s Resolution is to be more organized. I am 100% right brained which is helpful in producing content for the blog, but awful when it comes to organizing it. So I created this fun blog planner to get all of our blogger butts in gear for 2017!

As I learned more about the business of blogging this year, I felt the need to expand upon last year’s blog planner. So I created quite a few free planner printables for y’all depending on what your unique needs are.



Click on the title to download each individual page of the planner and BE SURE to have Adobe updated on your computer because these files are pdfs.

Daily Planner: This is that page I plan a blog post (plus my whole day!) around. Morning consists of which post will go live and the accompanying social media I will need to post. I will follow up by filling in meetings, phone calls, outfit planning, and errands I need to accomplish and stay organized throughout my day.

Weekly Planner: Each Sunday I take a minute to plan out the week’s posts on this sheet. What I love most about it is recording my stats. I can flip back and see what worked one week and what fell flat another. I also like the option of scheduling the week’s social posts (do you hear me Instagram? Time for an app for this!).

Monthly Planner: I use this sheet the most. I have 12 printed out and fill in holidays first. As the month approaches, I add in brand deadlines, blogger meetups/events, and collaboration dates. It is the perfect quick overlook of my year. Tip… use a pencil on this page!

Blogging Revenue Spreadsheet: This is hands-down the most important page in my blogging planner. As a blogger working with brands, it is difficult to keep track of compensation dates because each company/agency has a different payment cycle. On top of that, companies each pay different ways (direct deposit, Paypal, check). I fill all of this info in to my revenue spreadsheet and clip a copy of the contract into the back of the planner. When payment is resolved, I highlight through the campaign.

Mileage Log: This is pretty straight forward – I use the mileage log to document trips I take that are blog-related for tax purposes. Be it blog conferences, sponsored trips, etc., I always make sure to stay on top of my odometer readings.

Notes: You just have to have this sheet to scribble all your ideas on to that you can organize at a later date. I print a number of Notes pages and add them at the back of the planner, then use them to jot down outfit ideas, shoot lists, and tips I learn.

I printed out a number of each of the sheets and got them spiral bound at Staples (only about $5), then I tote the book around with me because inspiration can strike at any time. Hopefully they can help you like they have helped me!





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