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Each year I vow to be a bit more organized as one of my New Year’s resolutions. And no better place to start than here with my blog! I have a full-time job, so pre-scheduling my posts is extremely important. I searched the internet high and low for the perfect blog planning printables last year and didn’t find anything that fit me perfectly, so I created my own. Now that the new year is upon us, I wanted to re-release these in case you missed them! You have two options… You can purchase the planner (220 pages, paperback bound) here or just click on the titles below to download the PDF (make sure you can view Adobe PDFs on your computer).



There are four options and you can chose whether to have it centered for clipboards or a tick right to make room for binding:

1. Blog Post Planner (centered/binding): This sheet is the final say before and after I send a post live. As brands reach out to collaborate, I organize their promo codes and URLS on this, as well as their specific social channels. I chronically forget to tag my images/posts or even worse, forget to credit my amazing photographer. With the checklist, I don’t make silly mistakes anymore and can get the most out of my posts.

2. Weekly Post Planner (centered/binding): Each Sunday I take a minute to plan out the week’s posts on this sheet. What I love most about it is recording my stats. I can flip back and see what worked one week and what fell flat another. I also like the option of scheduling the week’s social posts (do you hear me Instagram? Time for an app for this!).

3. Blog Brainstorming (centered/binding): I use this sheet the most. I have 12 printed out and fill in holidays first. As the month approaches, I add in brand deadlines, blogger meetups/events, and collaboration dates. It is the perfect quick overlook of my year. Tip… use a pencil on this page!

I printed out a number of each of the sheets and got them spiral bound at Staples (only about $5), then I tote the book around with me because inspiration can strike at any time. Hopefully they can help you like they have helped me!


16 comments on “Free Blogging Printables: 2016 Blog Planner”

  1. Thanks a ton! I am very new to blogging and am trying to get a handle on what I should be getting done for each post, posting regularly, etc. This really helps!

    I actually used this as inspiration for me. I transferred the ideas of the pages to an Excel sheet for each month to keep organized while reducing paper waste. Yay!

    Thanks again! I’ll be checking into more of your posts 🙂

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