Free Blogging Printables: 2015 Blog Planner



Planner: Lulu / Phone Cover: Etsy / Macaron Erasers: Amazon / Mug: Jessica N Designs / Thermos: Kate Spade / Pens: Ban.do / Agenda: Lilly Pulitzer

I’m a little late to the resolution game but in 2015, I’m resolving to be more organized. And no better place to start than here with my blog! I have a full-time job, so pre-scheduling my posts is extremely important. I searched the internet high and low for the perfect blog planning printables and didn’t find anything that fit me perfectly, so I created my own. And now I want to share it with you! You have two options… to purchase the pre-made planner (220 pages, paperback bound) click here. Or for the free downloads, just click on the titles below to download the PDF versions (make sure you have Adobe installed on your computer).

Splurge vs Steal: Fall Edition

What to Know Before Buying Hunter Boots

I had a straight Goldilocks and the Three Bears experience buying Hunter rain boots recently (too big, too small, just right) and thought I could save y’all the same grief. I will preface this with my dimensions: I’m 5’4 and a size 8.5 shoe. My legs are pretty short for my height and I typically wear short or petite sizes in pants. So if you were blessed with long skinny legs, the majority of this post isn’t for you. Here we go…

1. Hunter rain boots run large… like really large. Plus, they only come in whole sizes. I wear an 8.5 and the size 8 was large. The size 7 was slightly snug. So if you are a lucky whole-sizer, size down one. If you are a halfy like me, try both a half size down and one and half sizes down to find your perfect fit.

2. Good news for ladies size 7.5 or smaller: you can fit into children’s sizes (and save $60)! The rule of thumb tends to be size down two sizes to find your child size. So if you are a 7, you would wear a size 5 in girls’ Hunters. And children’s sizes are about an inch and a half shorter; perfect for petite women. The ladies in the Nordstrom children’s department are totally used to this, so hit up the department store if you can.

3. The larger your shoe size, the taller the Hunter rain boot will be. The Original Tall were too tall for me in a size 8. The top scraped against my knee cap and didn’t look too nice asthetically because my knee was always folded over the top of the boots. But a size 7 was the perfect height for me.

Red Hunter Rain Boots

4. If the 15-inch calf on the Hunter Originals is a tight squeeze for you, Huntress Boots are the perfect alternative at 16 1/2 inches. Unfortunately though, there are not special welly socks for these as they’re slightly shorter than the Originals.

5. Your Hunter boots will eventually build a white fog layer on them. It’s totally natural for rubber boots and there’s even a fancy name for it: blooming. Some folks think it brings character to the boots. Others ain’t having it. Have no fear, simply spray some boot buffer and wipe ’em down to be fog free. Amoral wipes and olive oil are cheap substitutes too!

Hunter Boots Blooming

6. Just because these are the new grown-up Uggs, doesn’t mean they’ll keep you warm and toasty in the same way. After a little while in the snow, my feet were freezing. And the socks helped only slightly. Hunters are perfect for quick dog walks and trips to and from the car, but will be fab once it warms up around here because they are 100% waterproof (totalllyyyy unlike Uggs).

7. Hunter boots are pretty heavy, but are orthopedic so they are comfy for all-day wear. If you prefer a lighter shoe, Hunter makes packable tour boots. With all of the traveling I do, I really wish I had invested in these.



I hope this could be of help! I really do love these boots and am happy that I finally found my perfect pair. If you need some more Hunter Boots outfit inspiration, check out these looks. Happy shopping and enjoy your boots 🙂