Bridal Shower Invitations


Invitations: Basic Invite c/o / Bag: Chanel / Sunglasses: Karen Walker

I can’t believe we are in the final stretch of wedding planning now! If I think about it as a whole, it’s entirely too stressful. So I try to keep in mind the major things that we have accomplished. We booked the honeymoon this month, a cruise through the Mediterranean. Jeremy has never been to Europe before so I can’t wait for him to see how beautiful Italy and Greece are. We also booked the bachelorette party (Charleston, look out) and the bridal shower.

As an added touch to the parties, I love sending out formal invitations via snail mail. I partnered with Basic Invite to design these bridal shower invitations. They have every kind of card you can imagine! Once you pick a design, you can change the colors, font, text, etc… it was so easy! (Finally, something easy about wedding planning) Plus, they were under a dollar per card. For more designs, check out Basic Invite’s entire selection of bridal shower invitations.


Has Pinterest Ruined Weddings?

I am back with another collab with! They asked me to pen an article about my wedding planning process and my first thought was expectations vs. reality of weddings on Pinterest. You can check out the post on WeddingWire here or read on.

I remember the joy of discovering Pinterest for the first time; all inspiration was right there at my fingertips. I spent hours scouring recipes, fashion, and, of course, weddings. Years later and finally engaged, I ceremoniously made my private wedding board public…a rite of passage for all newly-engaged pinners. I reveled in the immaculate blush-sequined perfection that was my board. Everything matched, everything was crème de la crème, and blissfully unbeknownst to me, everything was out of my price range.


Norwegian Escape Cruise Snaps


What a trip! The Norwegian Escape was my first-ever cruise and I am ruined for normal vacations forever now. My friends and family had me panicked over sea sickness, but while I was aware of the boat rocking throughout the week, it was more soothing than annoying (granted, after a few cocktails I was walking sideways down the halls). It may have something to do with the Norwegian Escape being the fifth-largest ship on the ocean and with a boat that size, there is so much to do on board!