A totally superfluous present has easily become a can’t-live-without-it staple and I had to share it with y’all! My (amazingly sweet and thoughtful) boyfriend recently surprised me with the 38mm Gold Aluminum Apple Watch Sport. I hadn’t even considered one before but after a few weeks wearing it, I don’t know how I survived without it. They definitely aren’t cheap, but they are actually less than I expected at $349. I wear mine every day and think it’s worth every penny. Read on to learn why!


Favorite Features:

Notifications: My favorite part of the Apple Watch is how it discretely notifies you of texts, calls, social, sports scores, etc. You set which notifications for want to receive and get either a small silent vibration or scroll up on the watch face to see all of them.

Activity: I was considering purchasing a FitBit and thank goodness I didn’t because the Apple Watch tracks all of my activity. You set your goals (mine are set to lazy), and then the watch lets you know how many calories, exercise, and time standing you accomplish throughout the day. It’s so much fun trying to reach your goals!

Home Screen: I love how customizable the home screen of the Apple Watch is. Per the photo, I keep the time, date, weather, and activity on my face. The best part is, you can change the color and swap what you want to see at a glance. My second favorite watch face is the slideshow. I set pictures of my puppy or Jeremy and I that change each time you lift your wrist to look at your watch.

Phone Calls: This is where I feel like Inspector Gadget. You can make and receive phone calls on your wrist! The other day my iPhone was sitting on its charger, but I was able to walk around the house carrying on a convo with my mom on my wrist. She told me she couldn’t even tell a difference!

Instagram: I check Instagram constantly. Now I can do it on the sly 😉 You can scroll through your feed, like photos, and see your activity. Even cooler, I set my watch to notify me when my favorite bloggers post a new IG.

Favorite Bands:

Y’all… I want every single one of these adorable bands. Donuts… Ice cream… and pineapples, oh my! I added all of my favorites to the clickable slideshow below. Simply click on the image to shop the bands. Prices are between $34 and $99. And for only $3 there is the most adorable glitter monogram too!

I hope you enjoy your Apple Watch as much as I do!


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