Cleanser: Tula / Self-Tanner: St. Tropez / Primer: Smashbox / CC Cream: Chanel / Counter Palette: Kat Von D / Makeup Setting Spray: Urban Decay

One of the most fun parts of blogging is getting the opportunity to try new products. There have been hits and misses, but I wanted to share the products that hit the nail on the head. From cleanser to self-tanner to makeup, I use these every single day and literally can’t live without them. I use almost entirely drugstore products for my eye makeup (you can read all about that here), but I’ve probably read dozens of acne treatment product reviews so when it comes to my face I truly invest in it. Some of these products are a bit on the pricier side, but I promise you get what you pay for.

tula probiotic skincare review

Tula: First up is skincare. We all know that a fabulous complexion begins with your skin and my favorite brand is Tula. Their purifying face cleanser is my go-to. It isn’t as harsh as drugstore products that tend to overdry my skin and cause me to breakout. I have dry skin naturally and Tula products really give me the glow my skin is missing naturally by sloughing off the dead skin and truly hydrating it. Plus, it didn’t leave me with that tight skin feeling many cleansers do.

Interesting to note, the founder of Tula began as a gastroenterologist. He saw how what people put in their bodies affected their skin and found that many of these products are also great for our skin. This is why he incorporated probiotics into the line.

st tropez bronzing mousse

St. Tropez Classic Bronzing Mousse: I have (no joke) tried about 100 self tanners with varying levels of success. I used to tan at the salon (SO bad for you skin) and spray tan (SO pricey!), but I wanted an alternative. A couple factors are important to me when it comes to an at-home tanner: ease of use, longevity of the color, and how orange-toned it is. First of all, I prefer a spray or mousse to a lotion because it dries faster and I can also use it on my face under my makeup without breaking out. You really get your money’s worth with St. Tropez. The foam is thick so a little goes a long way (I overdid it the first application).

I expected it to be a product that you applied every night to build up the color, but this took one application and was the perfect color. And then to my surprise, it lasted for almost a week. I can barely get that staying power with a $40 Mystic Tan at the salon! Most of the foams and sprays I have used are an orange color which isn’t terrible, but this one is a true bronze. I could go on and on about St. Tropez… It’s really that great!

best products for the perfect complexion

Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer: I had gone years and years without ever wearing a primer. Why didn’t someone shake me and tell me what I was missing?! I sampled a ton of different primers and found the consistency of Smashbox Photo Finish Primer to be perfect for my drier skin. It smooths my skin and fills in my pores so my makeup has more of a porcelain look to it. The best part is that it blurs the look of my imperfections. Such a miracle product!

chanel cc cream review

Chanel CC Cream: Y’all probably know that I work in NASCAR which means a couple days each week are spent working outside at the racetrack. I liked the coverage and consistency of Bare Minerals BB Cream, but by the end of a warm sunny day, my makeup was basically melting off my face. I noticed one of my friends’ skin always looked flawless even in the heat and asked what she wore.

Enter Chanel CC Cream. It has more coverage than a typical BB cream, which I like because I can wear less of it. This makes the $55 price tag a little easier to bear. The staying power of this product is pretty incredible. I fell asleep last night without taking my makeup off (bad Cortney) and woke up with a near flawless face! I couldn’t believe it!

There are three color options. I am a true medium with pink undertones and the 30 Beige is a perfect match to my skin tone.

kat von d shade and light contour kit

Kat Von D Light & Shade Contour Kit: Thank goodness for contouring kits!! Can I get an amen? But now with so many on the market, its tough to know which is best. I had been using the Lorac kit for a year or so, but didn’t feel that the colors were rich enough.

A makeup artist friend told me she swears by the Kat Von D kit so I tried it out and there is no going back now. The consistency and pigment are perfect and the three “shadow” options make it easy to swap your look up depending on what the occasion is. Plus, the contour colors are true shadow colors instead of warm bronze colors like many other kits. This creates a much more natural look!

urban decay all nighter makeup setting spray

Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray: I tried this product for the first time on a trip to New York City in the summertime and if my makeup can last through that mugginess then it is worth every penny! Urban Decay’s Makeup Setting Spray has two benefits that I find important. It’s super common for me to apply my makeup and then walk out in natural light just to realize I put way to much on! When I spritz a bit of this on my face after finishing my makeup, it dilutes the look just a bit and leaves me with a dewier complexion. If you’re naturally oilier, Urban Decay makes a version for you as well! Most importantly, this spray extends the life of my makeup which is key!

I hope y’all enjoyed this! Let me know in the comments if you have any can’t-live-without-them products I need to try 🙂

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