So I hopped on the crazy train and braved Target today to score some highly anticipated and amazingly priced 3.1 Phillip Lim handbags. I don’t know about you, but I can’t justify purchasing a $900 bag, no matter how bad I want it. So when I found out that his bags were on sale for between $35 and $55, there was no stopping me.

I (naively) figured since I lived in North Carolina, I would be immune to the crowds of L.A. and New York. As it turned out, much of the merchandise had been wiped clean from the shelves by noon with the Kannapolis Target reporting lines forming before the store opened… in Kannapolis, really?! All online merchandise had been sold out since 4AM.

Perhaps because of the high male to female ratio, leave it to the Mooresville Target to have the two bags I wanted: the mini and the medium (see above).

I consider myself lucky after reading this article. Folks reported feeling like “career tributes in the Hunger Games” fighting off shoppers for the bags! For a good laugh, watch the video of the Hollywood Target. I’m surprised no one got hurt.

Below are all of the bags from the collection and you can view the whole collection here.



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