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Hi, dolls! I have put together a post today that is for my beauty lovers! It has taken me years to dive into the colorful, affordable world of Colourpop Cosmetics. To be honest, I don’t love ordering beauty products online and with such an overwhelming array of products, sister companies, and near constant collection releases, I didn’t know where to start! So I did some research, ordered boxfuls of products, and put them all to the test for y’all. So today, I am going to narrow down the options and share my tried-and-true favorites. Spoiler alert… the prices and quality are AMAZING!

Glisten Up Vitamin C Setting Spray: Colourpop’s sister brand, Fourth Ray Beauty, created my DREAM setting spray. It has everything I want in a setting spray – hyaluronic acid for added hydration, Vitamin C for brightness, a soft shimmer for added dewiness, and a spray nozzle that doesn’t gunk up. An added bonus is the amazing orange smell!

Honeydude Cream Gel Liner: My favorite trick for a wide-eyed look is to pop a light eyeliner into your waterline as opposed to black. Keep in mind that a black liner will make your eyes look smaller. And while many people opt for white, I have found that a nude liner looks more natural and less stark. Best of all the color is pigmented and waterproof 🙂

Ultra Blotted Lip in Scenic Route: I’m new to the Ultra Blotted Lip but they are exactly as the name suggests. They go on like a liquid lip, but wear as though you blotted it down. It’s the perfect amount of sheer color, but are so comfortable on the lips.

Just a Tint Lip Crayon Set in Peach, Please: The name of these lip crayons is quite deceiving because they are beyond pigmented. Not only do they smell unbelievably delicious, the colors are so warm and wearable. If you love a great neutral and a warm peach for the lips, this is the set for you.

Blush Stix in Under Pressure: This is my first time trying stick or cream blush and why did I wait SO long?! Cream blushes make your cheeks look so glowy and healthy, but the trick is finding one that lays over your powder products without pulling them up. The technique I’ve found that work best is to skip going straight onto your skin with the stick and instead opt for a stippling brush. I tap the brush onto the stick and then apply it to the cheek for a perfect flush!

SOL Body Shimmering Dry Oil in Soft Gold: This summer was THE summer of body shimmer products. But our options essentially boiled down to expensive, high-end body shimmers or drugstore products that lacked a punch of shine. That is, until SOL Body released their Shimmering Dry Oils and Glow Oils. They smell so good and pack a bright punch without all the stickiness.

Baby Got Peach Eyeshadow Palette: You’ve likely seen Colourpop’s near constant release of $12 monochromatic eyeshadow palettes throughout the summer, but my interest wasn’t quite peaked until the release of the Baby Got Peach Palette. This 12-pan palette features my go-to warm peachy neutral shades and is perfect for transitioning to Fall. To see this palette in action, scroll down and watch the YouTube tutorial I recorded.

Fresh n Peachy Pressed Blush: I have had a thing lately for blush; specifically, peach blushes. It is my favorite shade to give me a warm flush! Colourpop has stunning pressed blushes, but the Fresh n Peachy blush is so pigmented and gorgeous with the cutest packaging to boot.

Super Shock Shadow: Did you catch that I didn’t suggest a particular shade or set? That’s simply because you literally can’t go wrong with a Super Shock Shadow. If you are curious about where to start, I am loving the Halo Top set in Strawberry and the Peach Kit.

So Jaded Palette: This is the only product on my list that I haven’t tested, but only because it sold out almost immediately. Colourpop just released its first mega-palette with one of my favorite beauty YouTubers, Kathleen Lights, and it looks STUNNING. Colourpop is known for its eyeshadow formula consistency across the board, so I’m sure this stunning palette will live up to the hype.


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