Best of Walmart’s Black Friday Sales



Leopard Sherpa (only $12!) | Leather Leggings | Hiking Boots | Sweater Dress | Flannel Button Down | Western Boots

Thank you to Walmart for sponsoring this post.

Hi, friends! If you’ve taken a peek around the internet as of late, you would know that Black Friday came early and it came in HOT. Literally everything is on sale. It’s honestly a little overwhelming. So today, I wanted to sift through all sales and share some of my favorites that you won’t want to miss.

If you are on the hunt for fashion deals, we have to chat about some of looks I picked up at Walmart recently because OMG. The best of the best has to be these $26 furry hiking boots. They’re seriously stunning and oh-so-comfortable! I paired them with this… FIFTEEN DOLLAR SHERPA! Y’all – I can’t believe how perfect it is for that price. It comes in six colors and I am definitely snagging another before they sell out (because they’re starting to!)

If Walmart isn’t the first place you go shoe shopping, lemme quickly change your mind… I got the western boots pictured for $40, but I have these $37 Sam Edelman sneakers and these $25 faux suede booties on my wishlist.

While so much of the site is on major sale, there are a few particular deals I wanted to highlight for y’all:

Last-Minute Halloween Costume Inspo

There are only two more sleeps until Halloween, y’all! And if you’re like me… it really snuck up on you! Who am I kidding – I’m a procrastinator! But realistically this year, I just wanted something I can DIY with makeup or things I have around the house. So today, I wanted to round up seven costumes that you can throw together last minute, but look surprisingly put together this Halloween.


I had to kick this post off with my favorite Halloween look! Purge-inspired makeup has gone viral on TikTok recently and I HAD to try it out for myself. Instead of wearing a neon mask like the villains do in the movie, it’s so much more flattering to create the illusion with makeup! The trick is to draw the outline on your face with a white eyeliner, go over the lines with hot pink eyeshadow, and then add white SFX paint or liquid eyeliner to really give it that neon look. Watch my tutorial on this look HERE. Finally, throw on all black, fake blood, grab a weapon and go!


This costume is for all of my country girls out there and hands-down the easiest on this list to DIY! I just grabbed a warm-toned eyeshadow palette and liquid liner and went to town! Watch my video HERE on how to achieve this look. Clothes-wise you just need a flannel, jorts, and boots to complete the look.


8-year old Cortney would absolutely DIE if she saw this costume. I grabbed this set from Charlotte Russe, but with the school girl look being so in this year, you likely have a plaid skirt in your closet already. To really amp up the look, straighten your hair, grab a remote control to double as your old-school cell phone, and add a designer shopping bag to complete the look.


This one is a little bit of a cheat because I am obviously wearing a Pennywise costume from the store BUT you do not need to to achieve this look. This clown costume is all about the makeup and I actually followed this James Charles makeup tutorial to achieve my glam Pennywise vibe. For the clothes, you just need a gray dress, red pom poms, and a white tutu you can get for cheap at Walmart. And if you don’t mind swinging by a Dollar Store or Party City for a red balloon, it definitely brings the costume together.


This “costume” is definitely for my glam gals! Grab your favorite rainbow eyeshadow palette and a couple eyeliners and blend your little heart out! I just threw on a form-fitting black mini dress and voila! It would be so chic in shades of gray too.


With all of the ICONIC looks Taylor has graced us with, there are so many options for Swifties this Halloween. I went with a Lover Era look which basically entails throwing a tie dye pullover on and drawing a metallic heart over your eye. But the CUTEST idea would be for you and all your girlfriends to go as different Taylors (Rep, Folklore, Red, etc!)


Hello, nostalgia! For all my 90s babies, you can’t beat a Helga costume for Halloween. We actually finished runner up in a major costume contest a few years back in this getup! All you have to do is throw on a pink mini dress, print out a pic of Arnold and cut it into a heart, and put your hair in pigtails. Bonus points if you have friends dedicated enough to create a paper mâché football head 😉

Fall & Halloween-Themed Loungewear


Happy October, y’all! I seriously can’t believe its here! I mean.. less than three months until Christmas. But more importantly, three months until we can put 2020 behind us! Halloween is easily my favorite holiday, so things will be getting extra spooky around here until then. I love all of the adorable graphic t-shirts that come out this time of year and I am a sucker for themed-out pajamas, so today I thought it’d be fun to round up the cutest Halloween and Fall-themed loungewear from around the interwebs.

We’re all still living in sweats, right?

Also – full transparency – I was an anxious mess the first half of the year and really neglected this little corner of the internet. But I have my sh*t together now so there’s gonna be content, baby, content! I have been consistently posting on Instagram and TikTok, but I have started getting back into YouTube and plan on posting here at least twice a week! So be prepared for more Cortney than you ever asked for 😉 OKAY… now lemme share with y’all the cutestttt loungewear you’ve ever laid eyes on! ILYSM

Sweatshirt: Etsy (wearing size medium) | Skirt: Forever 21 | Tennis Shoes: Belk

Pajamas: Target (wearing size medium)

Pajamas: Target (wearing size medium)